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Lead Character Animator

Island Saver - XboxOne, PS4 & Switch

Character Animator

Brut@l - PS4

Animated Brut@l trailer which was played @ 2015 Playstation Experience Keynote presentation.


Character Animator @ Stormcloud Games

Team Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver

Fast & Furious: Showdown

Need For Speed: The Run


Animator @ Firebrand Games Studio!

Working as part of the development team making the Golden Eye Source MOD! My all time favourite N64 game.


Escape Studio MAYA CORE training course to gain industry standard training in Maya 2010.

Justin Capes Animation Reel 2016 from Justin Capes on Vimeo.

Dragon Cutscenes from Justin Capes on Vimeo




-Maya Principles
-NURBS Modelling
-Polygonal modelling, UV mapping, and skinning.
-Lighting and rendering.

All artwork copyrighted by Justin Capes ©

Contact: juz_capes@yahoo.co.uk